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The AWT PRO-ANGLE 1 SCOOP COATERS are ideal for smaller screens without any special application requirements. Uniform coverage is achieved with this easy-to-handle emulsion coater.

All Pro-Angle coaters are made from top-quality extruded aluminum, balanced and calibrated to lay down a uniform coating every time, All-metal construction withstands even the most severe shop environments and features a hard, anodized gold aluminum finish for added durability. The coaters have permanent, recessed end caps that are drilled, tapped, and screwed into position to catch emulsion overflow. The convenient anti-tip design allows you to put down the scoop coater without spillage, saving on emulsion and cleanup time. The Pro-Angle 1 includes an edge guard to protect against nicks.

Choosing the proper size coater. The scoop coater should have an outside dimension of 3 larger than your image area. For example, if your image area is 10 you should order a 13 scoop coater. The end caps are recessed at per side (1 total) to capture any emulsion overflow. In addition, the coating area should extend 1 per side (2 total) beyond the image area. Make sure your scoop coater fits within your frame.

A.W.T. Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Scoop Coaters Are Sold By The Outside Dimension:

UVPS No. E144-059: Mfg. No. SC-02 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 01 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-060: Mfg. No. SC-03 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 02 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-061: Mfg. No. SC 04 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 03 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-062: Mfg. No. SC 05 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 04 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-063: Mfg. No. SC 06 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 05 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-064: Mfg. No. SC 07 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 06 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-065: Mfg. No. SC 08 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 07 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-066: Mfg. No. SC 09 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 08 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-067: Mfg. No. SC 10 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 09 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-068: Mfg. No. SC 11 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 10 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-069: Mfg. No. SC 12 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 11 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-070: Mfg. No. SC 13 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 12 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-071: Mfg. No. SC 14 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 13 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-072: Mfg. No. SC 15 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 14 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-073: Mfg. No. SC 16 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 15 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-074: Mfg. No. SC 17 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 16 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-075: Mfg. No. SC 18 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 17 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-076: Mfg. No. SC 19 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 18 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-077: Mfg. No. SC 20 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 19 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-078: Mfg. No. SC 22 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 21 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-079: Mfg. No. SC 24 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 23 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-080: Mfg. No. SC 26 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 25 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-081: Mfg. No. SC 28 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 27 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-082: Mfg. No. SC 30 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 29 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-083: Mfg. No. SC 32 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 31 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-084: Mfg. No. SC 34 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 33 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-085: Mfg. No. SC 36 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 35 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-086: Mfg. No. SC 38 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 37 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-087: Mfg. No. SC 40 Pro-Angle 1 Single Edge Coater - 39 Coating Area

Scoop Coater Sizes Up To 144 Inches Are Available Please Inquire

FOB Chicago Factory
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Part No.Desc.PriceOrder
E144-058SCOOP COATER:ALUMCall for price
E144-059SCAWT1:2" OD SGL EDGE$19.00 / EACHorder now
E144-060SCAWT1:3" OD SGL EDGE$19.50 / EACHorder now
E144-061SCAWT1:4" OD SGL EDGE$20.25 / EACHorder now
E144-062SCAWT1:5" OD SGL EDGE$20.50 / EACHorder now
E144-063SCAWT1:6" OD SGL EDGE$20.75 / EACHorder now
E144-064SCAWT:7" OD SGL EDGE$21.75 / EACHorder now
E144-065SCAWT1:8" OD SGL EDGE$22.00 / EACHorder now
E144-066SCAWT1:9" OD SGL EDGE$22.25 / EACHorder now
E144-067SCAWT1:10" OD SGL EDGE$22.75 / EACHorder now
E144-068SCAWT1:11" OD SGL EDGE$23.75 / EACHorder now
E144-069SCAWT1:12" OD SGL EDGE$24.50 / EACHorder now
E144-070SCAWT1:13" OD SGL EDGE$25.25 / EACHorder now
E144-071SCAWT1:14" OD SGL EDGE$26.00 / EACHorder now
E144-072SCAWT1:15" OD SGL EDGE$26.50 / EACHorder now
E144-073SCAWT1:16" OD SGL EDGE$27.25 / EACHorder now
E144-074SCAWT1:17" OD SGL EDGE$29.25 / EACHorder now
E144-075SCAWT1:18" OD SGL EDGE$29.75 / EACHorder now
E144-076SCAWT1:19" OD SGL EDGE$31.00 / EACHorder now
E144-077SCAWT1:20" OD SGL EDGE$32.00 / EACHorder now
E144-078SCAWT1:22" OD SGL EDGE$33.00 / EACHorder now
E144-079SCAWT1:24" OD SGL EDGE$34.25 / EACHorder now
E144-080SCAWT1:26" OD SGL EDGE$35.50 / EACHorder now
E144-081SCAWT1:28" OD SGL EDGE$37.00 / EACHorder now
E144-082SCAWT1:30" OD SGL EDGE$38.25 / EACHorder now
E144-083SCAWT1:32" OD SGL EDGE$40.50 / EACHorder now
E144-084SCAWT1:34" OD SGL EDGE$42.00 / EACHorder now
E144-085SCAWT1:36" OD SGL EDGE$44.00 / EACHorder now
E144-086SCAWT1:38" OD SGL EDGE$46.50 / EACHorder now
E144-087SCAWT1:40" OD SGL EDGE$48.25 / EACHorder now

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